About Lē Vi Lash Store

Hello, I’m Jo, the owner of Lē Vi Lash Store.

To the rest of the world, I am Jo. However, my family and friends call me Chau.

The Story of Lē Vi Lash Store

My business journey all started when my husband joined the army 4 years ago. Up until that time, I was a corporate mum. It was a juggle, and I felt deeply that something was missing from my career, you know that “special something”. It was then I completed my first ever eyelash extension course and create my “side hustle.”

Safe to say, I fell in love. I was so fulfilled with sheer creativity and calmness that creating fans and lash sets gave me. I’d finally found my passion. I resigned from the corporate world to pursue a career in lashing.

It was then I started to analyse my own lash supplies, particularly the eyelash fans. Creating promade fans in advance was an essential time-saving factor for me, and I realised that sourcing high quality promade volume fans to help other lash artists create high-quality sets with less time, pressure, and the stress that comes with making handmade fans during appointments.

I became heavily involved in analysing the lash market , lash materials and types, and other lash tech essentials.

Le Vi Lash Store

Lash Store + Lash Tech Essentials

It took almost a year to source the perfect promade eyelash fans that were:

  •  lightweight;
  • a true depth of colour;
  • soft and velvety
  • and of the highest quality.

With the help from my sister, we founded Lē Vi Lash Store and Lash Supplies, to support eyelash fans everywhere!

We are here to ensure that our loose lash fans are handcrafted and are as consistent as handmade volume can be. This saves you time and stress, while using a product that is conscious of lash health.

Our lash store supplies premium lash fans that are handmade, promade fans, in a variety of different sizes from 3D to 10D lashes, and even mega volume up to 16D lashes. Our lashes currently come as loose lash fans, however we are always researching and developing new products.

You can also rely on us for premium tools and equipment to make your lash journey easier.

Our dedication to you and our commitment as Lē Vi Lash is to offer you the most premium promade lashes available on the market, with the best service and the best value.